Get to Know Your Designer: Part 3

Happy Monday everyone! After a wet and soggy weekend in Maryland I'm back at it with the last part of this series: Get to Know Your Designer. If you missed Get to Know Your Designer: Part 1 and Get to Know your Designer: Part 2 the main points I talk about in these two posts are the more recent events in my life that has shaped my design philosophy and style, and how this helps my clients. Part 1 talks about how being a mom has helped me be more in tune with what my clients need and Part 2 talks about how my holistic approach to life helps me get to the root of my clients' design dilemmas.

Part 3 is about how learning to have appreciation and gratitude for everything in my life, especially nature, has shaped my own personal style. In the process of seeking anything that was inspiring and motivational I could find to get me out of my funk (see details in Part 2), I discovered that what we put our attention on grows. This goes for good or bad so I started looking for the good everywhere. I wrote in an appreciation journal everyday to document the things I was thankful for. This caused me to be more present and notice beautiful things that I normally would just walk by. (trees, flowers, sky, etc.) This exercise was fascinating to me because the more of something I appreciated the more I would notice it in my life. It wasn't limited to beautiful things but also people, situations, etc. Of course no life is happy and perfect every single day but I've learned that focusing on the positive things in life is serving me really well.

I've always loved being outdoors and the beach has a special place in my heart. My gratitude exercises have taken my appreciation to another level. There is something so peaceful and magical to me about walking in the woods or listening to the water trickling in a stream. I also encourage my children to notice the beauty of nature. I am known for always saying "look how beautiful the sky is guys!" or "that's a cool tree!" I want them to appreciate the beauty we have on this earth and realize that no matter who you are, what your status is, or how much money you make, we all have access to this abundance of beautiful things.

This love of nature has really shaped my own personal interior design style. I believe every space can benefit from natural elements no matter the style. When it came time to think about designing our own (new to us) home I was a little overwhelmed. We moved from a small town house to a home twice the size. Although it has good bones it is kind of a cosmetic disaster. I've always had an eclectic style but I think that stems from the fact that I am exposed to so many styles on a regular basis. I love many different styles so it is hard for me to pick one direction. My goal was to really personalize this home with things that bring us joy. What brings us all joy in this house is the beach, water, and the outdoors. So I set out to create a space filled with those elements. Beach photos, shells, driftwood, plants (that I'll probably kill) and a little water fountain are some of the things I've included. Every time we are in our Dining Room I feel surrounded by the beauty of this earth.

Developing my own personal style and being in the process of creating a home that my family loves has helped me to understand the needs of my clients a little bit more. We all want to live in a beautiful space, but I think what really makes it come to life is adding meaningful things that trigger joy in people.

What are the things that bring you and your family joy? These are the questions I am starting to ask when working with clients. If you are looking to do a home project and interested in discussing how we can infuse your space with things that bring you joy please contact me.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!

:) Bernadette

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