Get to know Your Designer: Part 2

Happy Friday! I'm going to delve into Part 2 of what I want potential clients to know about me. If you didn't read Get to Know Your Designer: Part 1 the thing I talk about here is how I have had many experiences in Interior Design over the years but several things more recently have made me who I am as a designer. You can check out Part 1 to see how becoming a mom has helped me be more attuned to what my clients need.

Part 2 is about the holistic approach to life that I've developed for myself in the past several years. Let me back up just a little to explain what I mean and how this came to be. I had been a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful children and sought great joy from being their everything. I would plan play dates, activities, make home-made baby food, the works! I put every effort into giving these little ones the best life I could and enjoyed doing it. I was happy and fulfilled for the most part but there was a part of me that wanted more. I've always been creative and dreamed of having my own Interior Design business. I would work on projects for friends and family or my own home. Anytime I found myself not having creative outlets I would start to get down. When this happened I would think, "I have everything anyone could possibly want and more. What is wrong with me? Why do I feel that a part of me is missing or incomplete?" It really was a stumbling block for me because I was so happy in so many areas of my life. I have a great husband, two healthy kids, wonderful family and friends, I exercised and ate a healthy diet. At first I was perplexed but my determination got the better of me and I knew I wouldn't stop until I figured it out.

This caused me to start reading and listening to anything I could get my hands on that was motivational and inspirational. I wanted to find something for myself that made me feel complete but I just didn't know how. Why did I sometimes feel this emptiness when on the outside my life looked perfect? What I learned was at first shocking to me. I never realized before this how a shift in our mindset could change our lives both positively or negatively. I guess I just believed that some people were lucky and some people weren't. I started to learn that we attract things, people, and circumstances to ourselves by our thoughts and feelings. Things that happen to us are not by coincidence. I started practicing meditation and this helped me in so many ways. I learned that when we become still with ourselves through meditation that many times we are guided to the next right thing. I wasn't a particularly religious person but meditation started a spiritual unfolding for me. I used to look outside of myself for answers. I would think about what others had to say rather than activating the knowing within me. When I was patient and still many of the answers I was seeking came to me. Slowly but surely I was guided to the next right thing, and the next right thing, and the next right thing. Part of that has been my Interior Design business. The ability to use my gifts and talents to help people in a positive way has helped me fill in that gap that I was missing. I know this all sounds so woo woo and you are probably asking yourself, why does this stuff help with Interior Design and why would I want to hire this lady?

Well here is the thing, a holistic approach to life addresses the whole person (body, mind, and spirit). When you have an issue, instead of trying to put a Band-Aid on it you get to the root of the problem. You are addressing things from the inside out. Here are a few examples to clarify:

1. If you are feeling lethargic and have low energy you could take the route of drinking more coffee and diet sodas (Band-Aid) or you could get to the root of the problem which could be your diet, lack of exercise, or sleep to name a few. The coffee and soda might give you a temporary energy spike but it isn't going to make you feel good long term.

2.If you are in debt and constantly buying things that you know you can't afford instead of cutting up your credit cards (Band-Aid) you could explore the reasons why you are feeling the need to buy these material things. What part of your life is lacking that you need that instant gratification? What other healthy activity could you swap out to give your mood a boost when you need it?

3. I'm going to make this last example related to how I can help people. You want to improve your health by changing your eating habits but you find yourself ordering out more times than not. You can't muster up the energy to cook meals often at home because working in your Kitchen is a difficult task. You could try to make healthier choices when you order in (Band-Aid) or you could create an inviting, functional space in your Kitchen that inspires you to cook healthy meals for you and your family.

Taking a holistic approach to life has not only helped me in my personal journey but has helped me tune in to the needs of my clients. Our homes really reflect what is going on inside of us. I'm not a therapist, nor am I trying to be one but getting to know a client's pain points and what really is bothering them about their space is part of coming up with a solution that can be life changing. If we surround ourselves with beauty and a well thought out space, the positive effects are going to trickle down into other parts of our lives.

If you are looking to do a home project and are interested in discussing how we can use this holistic approach to address your needs please contact me.

Thanks for reading. Happy Weekend!

:) Bernadette

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