My New Wall-to-Wall Dining Room Shelves

I finally finished my Dining Room shelves! I've been thinking about doing this for months but was unsure how to go about it.

I first saw these at chris loves julia and loved the floating look. When I say floating I just mean you can't see any brackets. Obviously they are attached on either end which is how mine would be also but I didn't want to have traditional brackets. (click on the source for a great tutorial)


Don't they look even more awesome when styled??


I was having a hard time finding the 2 1/2" thick wood so I started to look at other inspiration photos. Here are a few I love:


I wish I could've done cabinets on the bottom like this one. This would be great for storing things we don't use everyday like table cloths, Christmas dishes, etc. I only have 10" before the doorway to my Kitchen starts so I had to stick with the narrow shelves.


My Husband and I both liked the look of these with the shelves being the same color as the wall. I decided to go with this look but rather than picture ledges and shelves just do the shelves.


So I guess you could say I took all of these inspiration photos and combined the ideas to come up with a plan that worked for my Dining Room. My Dad helped me figure out the best way to go about this given the fact that I have a ten foot span to cover. Also my skills and tools are somewhat limited so I didn't want to get in over my head. Here is a little bit of the process that we decided was best:

I first started by figuring out my spacing and used the level to draw lines where the shelves would be. Then I made marks where the studs were. I pre-drilled holes in the 1x2 strips and then drilled the holes in the studs and screwed the strips to the walls. (I painted everything first but didn't buy enough 1x2 strips so that is why some are unpainted in the picture. Since the walls are the same color this wasn't an issue to paint after the fact. If I were doing stained wood then that would have needed to be done ahead of time.

I then put the shelves up and screwed them to the strips. I caulked the gaps and painted once the caulking was dry. This made such a huge difference because there were a lot of gaps.

Now I just need to work on styling them.

Here you can see how the shelves relate to the photo wall I recently hung.

I'm excited to get some new things for these shelves. I really want a beachy vibe in here so I'm thinking of mixing some white serving pieces, glass, driftwood, shells, etc.

Have a great week!

:) Bernadette

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