A Weight Has Been Lifted, My New Office Inspiration

Hi there. Happy Monday! I am still laughing this morning after going to see A Bad Moms Christmas last night with some friends. If you are in the mood for something funny I recommend it. It definitely exceeded our expectations. I'm also feeling pretty relieved since I decided to abort a project that I've been planning pretty much since we have moved into our new home a year ago. I wanted to share about this because I think sometimes it is easy to get so invested in an idea and not know when to call it quits. I'm the type of person that likes to finish things. When I start something or say I'm going to do something I intend to do it. This can get me into trouble because I let it be a weight on my shoulders until it is done. I think about my to do lists and sometimes just can't let things go. In the grand scheme of life some things just aren't worth the mental anguish.

These cabinets were from my childhood home. My parents gave them to us and we used to have them in our basement in our old house. I appreciated their generosity and the storage they provided but never really loved the style of them. It especially irritated me that they weren't symmetrical. (cabinet doors on the bottom left but not on the right)

After we moved I decided to make the Living Room my Office knowing that we wouldn't use a formal Living Room. I fell in love with this photo on Pinterest. I had this great idea (or so I thought) to make some minor changes to my cabinets so that I could have a similar look.


So here was my plan: I was going to remove the middle and top doors and use the top doors on the bottom right cabinet. The doors would now be going all the way across the bottom just like in the inspiration photo. The rest of it would be open shelves. I was going to paint the cabinets a dark grey and hang artwork in the middle just like the photo. Although I knew it was going to be a lot of work I figured it would be worth it. Well Once I took the doors off I realized the right cabinet was 2" narrower than the other two. So that means the doors didn't fit. I looked into having new doors made to match but couldn't find anyone local that could do the rounded doors. And the funny thing is I didn't even like the rounded doors. I was just trying to work with what I had. I then had someone quote me shaker style doors that would be over $200. Ok fine, I'd pay for the doors. Well then once I took the middle top doors off I realize that rounded valance wasn't in the middle because the doors were there. I couldn't remove the rounded valance on the other two sides because it wasn't an extra piece added, but part of the cabinet construction. So adding a rounded valance (that I didn't even like) with square shaker doors didn't seem like a good idea either. This project just kept getting more complicated. It was like a weight on my shoulders. I said I was going to make this work, dammit I'm going to make it work!

Thankfully my friend Donna stopped over one day and I was telling her all about the drama of these cabinets. She made me see the light that this was a lot of work and money for something that wasn't exactly what I wanted. The funny thing is if anyone else had asked me for advice on this situation I would've said the same thing, get rid of them and start over! For some reason though since it was my idea and my stuff I had such a hard time seeing that for myself. Donna said "you keep saying thank you to me but I just helped you see what you knew all along." It's like I was looking for permission to abort this plan. I hope you can learn from my mistakes and listen to your gut when making decorating decisions. Know when something is more trouble than it is worth!

Or in the words of Kevin O'Leary (AKA Mr. Wonderful) from Shark Tank: "It's a stupid idea, it's going to zero, take it behind the barn and shoot it.

I ended up putting one of the cabinets in our closet for storage, one in our garage for shoes, and one in the Basement for storage. Once I got the cabinets out of there it just opened up the space so much. It was so bright and I was so thankful I made that decision. Especially now that I'm trying to really clean out and have less stuff it forced me to get rid of a bunch of things I didn't even want. (I'll share about that another day)

Here is my new inspiration photo. I love the earthy look of this photo. I want to do floating cabinets behind my desk and although this is more of an eating area I can tailor mine to what I need for my Office.


The issue I have decorating my own home is that I love so many different styles. I'm trying to mesh styles together in an eclectic way to reflect the things that we love. It's always easier for me to design spaces for other people. I guess the challenge is part of the fun and makes the end result so rewarding.

Have a great day!!!

:) - Bernadette

PS. I few things I'm working on in my Dining Room and hope to share soon:

1. Built in wall to wall shelves

2. Adding Bentwood chairs to my dining table

3. Adding a photo gallery


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