Adding Plexiglass to My Craft Table [Video on How to Round Plexiglass Corners]

I decided to put a piece of plexiglass on top of my newly made over craft table to protect the surface. Adding plexiglass or real glass to a table top or piece of furniture is a good way to protect the top from moisture or messes like paint and markers. I don't always love the aesthetic but in certain situations it is better than worrying that a piece of furniture is going to get ruined. Plexiglass comes in different thicknesses and sizes and is a less expensive than glass. I bought a 3' x 4' piece at Home Depot for about $40. It was the perfect size for my table however the corners of the plexiglass are very sharp and were sticking out a bit since the corners of my table are slightly rounded. I was worried that someone could get scratched just walking by the table.

My initial thought was to cut the four corners on a diagonal so I looked on YouTube for a video showing how to cut the material. There is a tool you can buy to cut plexiglass but one of the videos I watched said you could use a utility knife with a sharp blade. I tried that on one corner. You score it first and then break it. I quickly realized after scoring it several times that it was going to be too hard to do it this way. Perhaps the piece I have is too thick. I contemplated buying the special tool and was also wondering who I could ask to cut this for me. Then my husband suggested using the mouse sander to round the corners. This was perfect because rounded corners were ideal. I was only trying to cut on the diagonal because I thought that would be easier. My nine year old son loves to help with things like this so my husband showed him how to do it. I was impressed with how good of job my son did.

A few other reasons why I thought the plexiglass would be a good idea is the surface can be used as a wipe board and I thought it would be fun for the kids to display their art underneath it.

I love watching and listening to YouTube videos. Sometimes when I'm cleaning or working on projects I'll pick a topic I want to learn about and just keep listening to different people's perspectives on it. Videos are time consuming and I appreciate that people take the time to do them. I decided to make this one into a video just to share this easy tip of rounding off the corners. If you have a project that plexiglass would come in handy you can check out the video here:

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