Craft Table Makeover Dipped in Pink

Hi there, I hope you all had a great weekend. I sure did, it was both productive and fun. In the midst of trying to clean out my entire house and get rid of everything that I don't love, need, or use I decided to switch gears and do a quick DIY project. Our loft is a multi-functional space that has a guest bed, arts and crafts area, my sewing machine and a closet with our washer and dryer in it. I decided to decorate this space with a little bit of a bohemian feel and use bright colors that my kids like, especially pink which is my daughter's favorite. The table we have in there was my first dining table out of college. It has clean lines and is sturdy and the perfect size for this space but the dark wood wasn't doing anything for me. It didn't help that there was paint all over the top from past projects. This is what it looked like before:

I did a coat of primer first and then two coats of the white color followed by a wax paste. The primer I used was grey (because I had it leftover from another project) so that is why there is grey sticking out at the bottom.

For the pink accents I measured 6" from the bottom and used a level to draw a line all the way around each leg. I used that line as a guide to put the green painters tape. I then did several coats of the pink paint. I should've painted the white all the way to the bottom. It took me a few extra coats of the pink because the grey was showing through a little bit. (live and learn) :)

This really brightened up the space and my daughter especially loved the pink.

Here are a few photos that inspired me to give the "dipped" look a try:




I feel like it is a look that people either love or hate. If you love it give it a try. It is such an easy way to give an existing piece of furniture some personality.

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