Bernadette Drew
How can you benefit from hiring Bernadette Drew Interiors?  I personally work with all of my clients to address their design needs and challenges .  Together we create a plan that will transform your space to function the way it should while looking great at the same time.  Whether you are seeking inspiration for a DIY project or you want a whole room redo without having to do any of the work, our customized options  have you covered.  


About me:

Rearranging my Bedroom and pouring over decorating magazines were fun past times for me when I was a kid. I've always been interested in how spaces effect the way we feel.  While pursuing a college degree in Interior Design I worked at a Flooring, Kitchen & Bath studio which was so enjoyable for me.   I followed that up with moving to Southern California for three years where I got to have some great experiences and exposure to Interior Design all while enjoying my love of the beach.  In total I have 10 years of experience in Kitchen & Bath design, flooring and furniture sales.  Fast forward to today, I have two fun loving children that keep me on my toes and a husband that inspires me everyday.  Having the opportunity to be home with my children has been my biggest gift.  Besides being able to be there for my children and watch them grow, it has given me the ability to learn more about myself and my passions. Helping people create spaces that they love takes me to my happy place! 

Interior Designer, Bernadette Drew

Hi there.  I'm Bernadette, the designer

behind Bernadette

Drew Interiors.

If you have ever thought to your self:

* "I wish my home reflected the things that I 


* "I know the styles that I like for my home

but I don't 

know how to execute them." 

* "I can't choose a paint color to save my 


* "I wish my space was more functional, 

organized, and 

everything had a place." 

Or if you just need help getting your space looking and feeling amazing... are in the right place!